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In their own words...

" I wanted to thank Total Body Fitness for the triathlon camp for kids. I was impressed with every aspect of the program. The caliber of the coaching staff in my mind was unparalleled. To have Jamie Whitmore, a world champion athlete, dedicating her time to the next generation of triathletes is awe inspiring. Thank you to TBF and all the coaches who put on this amazing program. My three children who participated will always have this experience to look back on and remember as a very special event in their lives."

Geoff Allen DC
Cafe of Life Folsom

“Bill, Mark and the entire TBF team are the best group of folks you would ever want to be around. My entire family has been racing and helping at the TBF events for years. I could not have found better activity to do with my family that supports all the old fashions values I have."
- Dave C.

“My husband and I have been involved with TBF for three years and now our children have started doing the races. We love TBF!!"
- Joy C.

"The crew at Total Body Fitness is passionate about fitness, friendly and knowledgeable. "
- Dain

 "Fun and friendly -- stay fit and enjoy!"
- Becky

 "TBF is the best! It's a lifestyle!"
- Lisa R.

 "I'm only 15 and they taught me so much about triathlons and they made me a much stronger person"
- Zach

 "TBF encourages a healthy lifestyle and runs excellent events!"
- Steve

 "TBF is the best, hands down"
- Geoff J.

"Total Body Fitness has dedicated themselves to meeting the needs of all individuals... elite athletes, recreational athletes, and our youth. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do in an effort to promote healthy lifestyles and life-long physical activity!"
- Meghan J.

 Anyone can accomplish anything with Total BodyFitness! Come by and see foryourself!"
- Jenine S.

 "TBF changed my life forever. They gave me the discipline and confidence to swim, bike and run for the rest of my life."
- Karen S.

"TBF runs the highest quality races in Northern California. We travel from Walnut Creek to race with TBF. Class Act!"
- Mark S.

 "Well organized, great attitudes, simply the best!!!!!!!!!"
- Russ C.

 "If you have ever wanted to try multi-sport, this is the where you should do it. They do a fantastic job of providing a fun atmosphere, and competitive environment. Awesome company!"
- Jeff M.

"I love TBF! Great coaches - great workouts - and tons of fun. What a great experience!"
- Julie

"If you are an out door enthusiast, look up tbfracing.com There is an event for everyone! Racing-Training-Traveling. Frank Martin aka ‘The Spinnman' since 1987 "
- Frank M. (Spinnman)

"Great staff - lot's of fun, and some really cool events, especially the mountain bike races! Always really make you feel good about being there!"
- Don S.

 "Best group of encouraging people around!!"
- Gayleen

 "Great races and training programs for all levels. They have a wonderful staff. I always have fun at their events."
- Michele T.

"They do the job right"
- David Y.

 "The TBF staff motivates and inspires you. They make every athlete feel like a winner, from seasoned "Pro" to "Average Joe."
- Christopher H.

 "These guys have the friendliest crew and funnest events around!!!!"
- Erock

 "Professional attitudes, very organized and extremely motivating - TBF Rocks!"
- Jeff

 "TBF has inspired and motivated so many people in the community to create an active lifestyle. They are the best!"
- Sheila

 "Total Body Fitness changed my life! Bill, Mark and Dan are the best coaches, and travel guides in the world! Thailand is now my home thanks to TBF. "
- Justin

"TBF is the best multi-sport training group I have had the pleasure to be a part of. It accommodates all fitness levels and helps you attain all your multi-sport goals. I have TBF to thank for all my success in my races."
- Delia R.

"Training with Total Body Fitness is not only a great way to get into shape, it is an adventure!"
- Mark

"The instruction is top-notch, and the coaches are friendly and patient - even with newcomers like myself!"
- Michele

"Total Body Fitness is the only exercise group I haven't quit. I'm addicted, Thanks TBF! "
- Michele

 "TBF provides the best multi-sport Fitness Training sessions and race events for a community that loves to have fun by being active. And their Thailand trips rock!!"
- Chi-An

 "Personable, Fun, Outdoor, Training."
- Laurie

 "Our family keeps going back to your events and training, keep providing that positive, motivating and fun environment."
- Klint Robins

"TBF has a very satisfied customer here! Well worth the commute."
- John

 "Bill and Mark, Your ability to host such well organized events while making every participant (beginner to pro) feel like they are the only thing that matters.”
- James P.


pamelaThank you TBF Racing for providing the opportunity for me to share my love of triathlons with my two children this weekend. I was able to race beside both of my children Matthew and Elizabeth, sharing in their first Tri Experience.  

While racing together we were able to support each other and have a "GREAT TIME".  Elizabeth will join my two sisters and myself for the Luna Bar Women's Tri, which is one of our favorite TBF events.

  - Pamela O'Kane (mother of two new TRI Athletes)


lauraWith TBF's training, I changed my entire lifestyle. I used to weigh over 250 pounds and come home and watch TV as my nightly unwind. I first decided to change my eating habits and then in May 2005, I literally jumped right in to open water swimming. From my first time I felt comfortable and in good hands. The bike clinics were critical to helping me understand that there's more to riding a bike than just pedaling. Running didn't come easy but with weekly workouts and encouragement from my TBF coaches I was ready to tackle the 5k distance. I completed FIVE triathlons in my first season. My tenth race will be on my 28 th birthday. Now I look forward to the end of a work day so I can get out and ride my bike. I've made friends through TBF that meet me on the trail to run before work and my nightly unwind now involves a swim in the lake or some cross-training at the gym. Total Body Fitness has enabled me to create a lifestyle and shape a body that I love.

- Laura Carter TBF Alumni

sac tri club athletesI have been having the time of my life volunteering, training with TBF/Fleet Feet Women's Learn To Triathlon Class, and being a part of the Sac Tri Club team spirit! Denise, you are an amazing woman and as a friend have always been an inspiration to myself and others over the years.  It is no wonder you provide the Sac Tri Club with such leadership, organization and contagious enthusiasm.  Your "I can do it" attitude and motivation certainly encourages us to "tri" our best!  Thank you and TBF for all of your training expertise and being a part of such an incredible experience finishing my first triathlon "The 2006 Luna Bar Women's Triathlon"... looking forward to many more!
- Charise
(Photo of STC's TBF/Fleet Feet Women's Learn to Tri Class participants:
Patricia, Erica, Elizabeth, and Charise --all first time triathletes)

I am 57 and like to "play outdoors"  My racing strategy is competition with the clock and my will power - but I don't want to keep the race staff late waiting to see if I'll actually arrive. The TBF experience has been a delight - fun, encouraging and I'm a lot healthier for it.  I'm particularly impressed with the folks who are part of the training group, the individual attention from the staff, and the voices of experience that have made my racing stronger.
- Ted Virts Sacramento, CA